What Should Patients Know About Dental Bonding in Toronto?

by | Mar 5, 2018 | Dentist

When the teeth are malformed, badly stained, or gapped, there are beneficial treatments such as Dental Bonding in Guilford CT. Dental bonding allows the teeth to be reformed and covered, so they are made to look more attractive. With this information, patients will know what they can expect from dental bonding so they will make the right decision for their dental needs.

What Does Dental Bonding Treat?

Dental bonding is used to restore teeth and make them look more attractive. Bonding may be used for the following treatments.

• Repair teeth that have become decayed
• Repair teeth that have become chipped or cracked
• Close spaces that develop between the teeth
• Cover staining and discoloration
• Make the teeth longer or wider
• Alter the shape of the teeth
• Protect the exposed tooth roots when the gums are receding

Composite bonding will last about ten years, depending on how well the teeth are cared for by the patient and their dentist. Individuals will need to see their dentist on a regular basis to have their teeth checked for any signs the bonding is breaking down.

Patients should never chew on hard substances such as ice or hard candy as these can cause damage to the composite bonding material and lead to breakdowns. It is still vital patients brush and flosses their teeth as they are still vulnerable to decay. Proper care will help to keep the bonded areas sturdy and beautiful for many years to come.

Scheduling a Consultation Is Vital

Before a patient seeks any form of Dental Bonding in Toronto, they need first to schedule the consultation appointment. This appointment allows the patient to learn if they are a good candidate for dental bonding.

Bonding can also be used to create veneers for the teeth, so the smile is made beautiful. Bonding dramatically improves the appearance of the smile and leads to a greater sense of self-esteem.

To learn more about dental bonding and its many benefits, visit our website. They are a dentist that is entirely focused on providing their patients with superior dental services. Call the office right away if you would like to get started by scheduling a consultation appointment.

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