An Oral Surgeon in Omaha, NE Assists When Young Children Need to Have Teeth Removed

by | Dec 29, 2017 | Dentist

An Oral Surgeon in Omaha NE assists when young children have abnormalities in their primary or adult teeth that are causing significant problems. Parents are likely to feel distraught at the idea that their little one needs oral surgery to remove teeth. Having these specialty dentists complete the procedure is advantageous, partly because they can provide light general anesthesia if this seems advisable. If that would not be necessary, tranquilizing medication or laughing gas can be administered.

Stubborn Primary Teeth

In some instances, one or more adult teeth are unable to grow in because the baby teeth ahead of them do not fall out. Those teeth may have abnormally long roots holding them in place. Removing them is usually a relatively easy procedure for a dentist. However, when adult teeth must be extracted, this generally is a more complicated process that may be best managed by an Oral Surgeon in Omaha NE.

Extra Teeth

Occasionally, a child actually has one or more teeth that are situated behind the baby teeth and ahead of the adult teeth. They probably will need to be extracted, which will likely require cutting of the gums to reach those teeth. This can be upsetting for parents to think about, but the operation is fairly quick. With the right sedation, the child should find it painless and may not even remember the procedure. The permanent teeth now should grow in properly.

Crowded Teeth

Another somewhat rare situation occurs when the child needs orthodontic braces, but the teeth simply take up too much space in the mouth. They are crowded, and braces will not be able to resolve the problem. An oral surgeon may be called upon to remove a small number of teeth in that case. Often, the surgeon will extract four teeth: one on each side of the mouth of both the upper and lower sets.

Looking Forward

Upon finding an excellent clinic such as Westwood Dental, parents can rest easier knowing that the youngster will be well-cared for. After the operation, they can reward the child with ice cream, ice pops, or any other soft food the little one prefers.

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