Why You Need General Dentists in Baltimore, MD

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Similar to your family doctor, general dentists allow you to cost-effectively check up on the health of your gums and teeth throughout the year. Professionals strongly recommend that all children and adults visit the dentist at least once each year to ensure any conditions are caught early. Although the threat of conditions such as cancer are rare, other potentially dangerous issues are not so uncommon, such as infections in the jaw. For this reason, you cannot afford to miss out on the preventative care offered by these general practitioners.

Also known as family dentists, many families go together to the same dentist to save time and money. What they do not know is all the other benefits they enjoy by regularly following up on the health of their teeth.


Baltimore, MD general dentists look for cavities that may form when a person eats something sweet or acidic, which will eventually weaken and erode the enamel of the teeth. Over time, the soft, vulnerable tissue inside the tooth becomes exposed and can begin to rot, leading to a cavity. If left untreated for any reason, such as a fear of visiting the dentist, these may reach deeper into the tooth until the nerves are affected and damaged. It is at this point that most patients felt their first twinge of sensitivity.

If you recently began to notice pain when you ate cold or hot food that you did not have in the past, you may need the help of general dentists in Baltimore, MD.


If you allow sensitivity in one or more teeth to continue, the cavity may extend deeper into the root of the tooth, causing severe pain and swelling. At this point, you are at risk of an infection in your gums, tooth, and jaw. As with any infection, this will not stay in the jaw for very long, and this type of infection is particularly threatening due to its proximity to the brain. In short, you must get the help of general dentists long before you risk your life, even if you must work through a bit of phobia about visiting the office.

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