Modern Dentures in Kona Are Much Better Than Their Historical Counterparts

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It’s easy enough to tell people that regular visits to the dentist are essential to maintaining good oral health and a beautiful smile. Sometimes circumstances still arise where teeth just can’t be saved. When this is the case, restorative dentistry becomes necessary. Dentures in Kona are an effective means of restoring patients’ ability to eat, and restoring their confidence by giving them something new to smile about.

Many patients don’t realize that current denture technology leads to a much more comfortable fit and natural bite than could be offered in the past. It used to be that discomfort, and physical appearance were large barriers to convincing patients to be fit for Dentures in Kona and across the country, but this is no longer the case. Patients also used to wait for as much as two months before being able to be fit for a set of dentures. Now, they can be fit immediately after having the damaged teeth removed.

This process involves taking an impression of the patient’s jaw and existing teeth in order to create full or partial dentures that provide a better fit. The down side is that there is a notable risk that the gums and teeth will shrink during the healing process. This means that immediate dentures almost universally require several additional appointments to make minor adjustments.

The up side is that once these minor adjustments have been completed, a set of dentures can be expected to last for decades. Because they do still show signs of wear, and because patients’ gums will continue to shrink as they age, regular adjustments will still be necessary. Poorly fitted dentures can cause an entire host of problems, such as infections and sores, so it’s important to both make and keep these appointments. However, after the initial healing period, visits to the dentist will become less frequent.

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