Improve Tooth Appearance with Restorative Dental Bonding in Toms River, NJ

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Dentist often use bonding for cosmetic purposes, but they may also choose a bonding procedure to repair a decaying tooth. Dental bonding is a technique that involves bonding a composite resin to an affected area of the tooth to alter the way it looks, effectively improving your smile in a number of ways.

Bonding for Shape, Size, and Color

Bonding can be used to manipulate the shape and size of your tooth, and it is also an effective way to hide discoloration. The composite resin used is shaped and polished to match the surrounding teeth so that the material isn’t noticeable by either sight or feel. Dental bonding in Toms River, NJ is offered by highly-trained dentists so that the final outcome is one you can feel confident in.

The material used by your dentist is carefully shaped to appear natural, meaning you can use it to hide a chipped tooth, and you can even elongate or widen teeth to hide noticeable gaps and strengthen the quality of your smile. Click here to learn about professional dental services and how you can get started repairing your teeth.

An Easy and Affordable Solution

The reason why dentists and patients often turn to dental bonding is that it’s a fairly easy and affordable solution, especially when compared to other procedures.

Bonding involves taking a putty-like substance and attaching it to your teeth to then shape and mold it to the appropriate size. The simplicity of dental bonding means that patients don’t require any anesthetic, and there is virtually no preparation necessary.

With that in mind, patients who are self-conscious about gaps, chips, or discoloration or simply want to restore aspects of their smile without any complex procedures can benefit from this simple yet effective solution.

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