How to Improve a Smile Through Invisalign in Amarillo Texas

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A nicely aligned and clean set of sparkling teeth is what most people strive for. Very few individuals have the genetics to attain the perfect smile through aging alone, which is why dental clinics have embraced the use of Invisalign in Amarillo, Texas. As a pain-free way to straighten a smile, patients will grow to love what this simple treatment process can do for their appearance.

A Subtle and Effective Treatment

As adults, an attractive set of teeth sometimes entails undergoing procedures that should have occurred at a much younger age. The perfect example of this is braces, an orthodontic treatment that many folks shy away from because of embarrassment over having a mouthful of metal. Now, patients of all ages can take advantage of the Invisalign treatment, a clear and removable set of mouthpieces digitally mapped to properly align a smile. No painful modifications are ever made by the dentist and, best of all, most people will never even know the person they are talking to is wearing aligners.

Understanding How Invisalign Works

The Invisalign treatment is one of the many services that clinics like Panhandle Dental can perform. After a simple scan by the staff, the dentist can precisely map how to get the teeth into the most desirable position. The aligners are then built using 3D printing, which allows the product to have incremental sizing shifts that apply just the right amount of pressure to create the movement of the teeth without involving any pain. After a few months of wearing the aligners and periodically checking in with the dentist, patients will see their journey to a new smile is nearly complete.

Not Everything is Solved With One Procedure

Creating the perfect smile will undoubtedly take more than just wearing Invisalign in Amarillo, Texas, which is why many dental clinics also offer a smile rejuvenation program. Each patient will undergo a thorough examination to determine exactly what can improve the condition of their teeth. A treatment program is then customized to meet these needs, which can involve procedures like the application of crowns or veneers, an overall whitening, creation of dentures, or fitting for snap-on appliances that fit over existing teeth to create the illusion of an ideal smile.

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