Implants and Cosmetic Dentistry in Boynton Beach, FL

by | Dec 30, 2016 | Dental

Dental implants can be used to replace all teeth of the lower and/or upper jaw. They are fixed in the mouth, which means they stabilize that person’s dental prosthesis. Dental implants will allow people to have a smaller and more comfortable prosthesis. For upper prosthesis wearers, the palate will be free of acrylic or metal and they will find that the sensation of hot and cold foods is an improvement, along with taste. For partial denture wearers, dental implants eliminate often apparent and unsightly metal hooks. Consulting with a local cosmetic dentistry in Implants and Cosmetic Dentistry in Boynton Beach, FL professional can help you determine if implants are best.

What is the lifetime of an implant? The lifetime of implants has been subjected to long-term studies in the last thirty years. The results obtained are encouraging so far and suggest that, with good oral hygiene and regular follow-ups, implants placed by a specialist can last a lifetime. Can any patient get dental implants? In principle, yes, apart from a few rare diseases. Age plays no role: implants have awesome chances of success in the elderly and young patients. They must simply ensure good oral hygiene. What are the advantages and disadvantages of dental implants?

• Advantages: Implants are used to achieve fixed and aesthetic prostheses even in cases where only dentures have been possible. In addition, contrary to the prosthetic act performed for a bridge, the adjacent teeth are not mutilated. Implants prevent bone atrophy and complete prostheses are more stable with implants.

• Disadvantages: The need for surgical intervention may be seen as a disadvantage, as the period during which the implants (except when immediate loading) must heal. Implant treatments can result in higher costs than conventional prostheses or bridges.

Before deciding to undergo implantation, it is necessary to weigh the pros and cons of such treatment. Is implantation painful? What should people expect after surgery? The procedure performed by a local cosmetic dentistry in Boynton Beach, FL is done under local anesthesia and is absolutely painless. If the patient so wishes, it is also possible to operate with additional sedation (somnolence) or under total anesthesia. Even after the operation, it is expected to have only mild pain in the days that follow, which can be mitigated with painkillers. More or less severe swelling for three to five days is normal, hematomas may occasionally occur but they quickly resolve.

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