How to Clean Under Dental Bridges in Grand Prairie, TX

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Dental bridges in Grand Prairie TX remain one of the most popular solutions for patients who are missing multiple teeth, but not all readers who have bridges know how to maintain them properly. This article will discuss several methods for cleaning under bridges, making it easier for readers to ensure the longevity of their false teeth.

Nobody wants to deal with missing teeth. Thankfully, today’s dental patients have more options than ever when it comes to tooth replacement, and missing teeth no longer have to be a lifelong inconvenience.

Floss Threaders

Floss threaders look like large, thin plastic needles. They can be used to clean beneath bridges by simply inserting the floss into the eye of the threader and passing the needle beneath the bridge. Once it is in place, hold both the floss and the threader and use a gentle cleaning motion to remove any food particles.

Ordinary Toothpicks

If there are areas that can’t be reached with a floss threader or readers are out in public and don’t have their threaders with them, they can use a toothpick. Make sure to exercise care when using a toothpick beneath a dental bridge. Using hard force can wind up causing gum injuries.

Interdental Brushes

Interdental brushes function like tiny versions of ordinary toothbrushes. They are safer to use for cleaning dental bridges in Grand Prairie TX than toothpicks since they allow a gentle but effective scrubbing motion that wouldn’t be possible with the other methods listed above.

Oral Irrigators

Readers who really want to go above and beyond in their home oral care routines can purchase oral irrigators. Often called Waterpiks due to the fact that this brand of irrigator is extremely common, these tools use water to remove food debris and plaque. They can be used after each meal or snack for best results.

Professional Cleaning

No amount of home care can replace a thorough professional cleaning. Readers’ dentists should be evaluating and cleaning around their bridges each during each checkup to reduce the chances of serious infections. Those who feel that they haven’t been getting adequate care for their dental bridges can visit Carrier Dentistry to learn about one local office that can help.

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