How To Choose A Dentist For Dental Services in Bridgeport CT

by | Sep 21, 2016 | Dentist

Proper oral hygiene is essential for not only dental health but the overall health of the body as well. Some people are leery about going to the dentist which is why it is important to choose a good dentist. Here are a few tips on how to choose a dentist for dental services in Bridgeport CT.

 *      Ask family and friends, or even co-workers for recommendations on who they use. Almost everybody goes to the dentist, and many people will be willing to share why they enjoy their particular dentist.
Visit the website of the American Dental Association and peruse their directory. To be a member of THE ADA, a dentist must meet certain professional standards. Online yellow pages or even the phone book itself can provide a great resource as well. Avoid dentists who exhibit inappropriate advertising.

 *      If an insurance company is being used to pay for the visit, contact them for a listing of providers that they cover. Insurance providers will not work with sub-par dental clinics.

 *      Call and ask them about their qualifications. A dentist must be either a licensed Doctor of Dental Surgery or a Doctor of Dental Medicine. Ask if they stay up to date in the field by attending professional conferences and by taking continuing education courses.

 *      If a specialist is needed, make sure the dental clinic being visited provides those services. Some clinics may only provide general family dentistry while others may specialize in cosmetic dentistry or other practices.

 *      Check with the state medical board to see if the dentist or dental clinic has been officially reprimanded or has any significant consumer complaints levied against them. Avoid those that do.

For more information on choosing a dentist that can provide exemplary dental services in Bridgeport CT, contact a clinic with a great reputation such as Commerce Park Cosmetic Dentistry LLC. A clinic providing a wide range of services is convenient to avoid unnecessary bouncing between various dentists that may not be familiar with the particular oral needs of the patient. They also employ a courteous and friendly staff that always provide a welcoming atmosphere to dispel any fears that may be had.

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