How Have Dentistry Tools Changed Throughout the Years?: A Quick Rundown

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Dentistry has evolved significantly throughout the years, and it´s fascinating learning how dental care has been handled as the years have progressed. From bow drills to carbide burs for dental work, here are some of the most crucial polishing and cleaning tools used throughout history.

The Pneumatic High-speed Air Rotor Drill

The earliest dental tools were quite primitive. Some would say that the first dental tools were almost frightening due to their simplistic nature. One of the most popular tools, for example, was the pneumatic high-speed air rotor drill. George F. Green invented this device. However, this model was powered by a foot pedal. Nowadays, high-speed drills are controlled reliably and conveniently with electricity.

Carbide Burs for Dental Work

Nowadays, carbide burs can put those final changes on your smile. They also add polish, shine, and leave behind that silky-smooth mouth-feel people love after they’ve been to the dentist.

The Tooth Key

This tool dates back to the early 1800s. The tooth key was used to extract infected teeth from the patients’ mouths. The clamp would tighten around the gum line, twist and turn severally, before removing the problem tooth with a heavy pull, all without anesthesia.

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