Gum Disease Must Be Treated by the Dentists in Niles IL

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Gum disease starts off as a subtle condition that progressively worsens over time. Since the gums are so crucial to the health of the teeth, it behooves a person to do all they can to ensure they protect the health of their gums through proper oral care practices and seeing the dentist on a regular basis. It is also important people understand the signs they should look for that may indicate they are suffering from gum disease. When these signs are noticed, a person needs to schedule an appointment with the Dentists in Niles IL as soon as possible.

The early warning signs of gum disease are redness, irritation, and bleeding when brushing or flossing. Bleeding is typically the first symptom people notice but is one that is often ignored. Bleeding in the gums is often assumed to be caused by improper brushing technique. If a person switches to a softer brush and is careful in being gentle, the bleeding should stop if it is not being caused by gingivitis.

Although gingivitis is the simplest form of gum disease, it can develop into the periodontal disease if it is not properly treated. This condition can be completely reversed through the use of proper oral care procedures and the dentist using deep cleaning methods to clean the gums.

If the condition is not treated, pockets of infection can begin to develop around the teeth that can cause root exposure and even tooth loosening as the body works to fight the infection. The Dentists in Niles IL can treat this condition with antibiotics and in-office procedures that work to shrink the gum tissue to its original state so the health of the teeth can be protected.

Those who are noticing the signs of gum disease need to be proactive in seeking treatment right away. The sooner treatment is sought the better the outcome. If you are in need of dental treatment, call to schedule an appointment so you can Meet Dr. Demian. He and his staff will work to treat your gum condition so your smile can stay healthy and you can avoid tooth loss.

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