Getting the Best Orthodontic Results in Hinsdale for Your Teeth

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If you want to enhance your smile, an orthodontist could be of assistance with treatments that include braces or clear trays that help to straighten your teeth. When you receive this type of treatment, there are a few things to keep in mind so that you get the best results possible.


After visiting an orthodontist in Hinsdale for the first time, consider making a kit of all of the supplies that you might need. Your kit could include floss, a small toothbrush, and wax that you can put on the ends of the wires so that they don’t poke the inside of your cheeks.


While you can usually eat most foods that you enjoy, there are some that you want to avoid after going to an orthodontist in Hinsdale. Steer clear of foods that are sticky, as they could get wrapped around the brackets of your braces. You also want to avoid eating foods that are very hard, such as nuts or candies. Soft foods like pudding or Jell-O are good options for the first few days after getting braces.


Make sure you keep all of your appointments as your doctor will want to check the progress of how well your teeth are shifting. You will likely be able to choose new colors of bands at each appointment that are put around your brackets. Some visits could include tightening the wires that run through the brackets once your teeth begin to shift into the proper alignment for the goal of your overall treatment.

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