Getting Implants Via an Oral Surgeon in Summit NJ

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Durability is one of the most visible advantages of a dental implant. In general, the lifetime of an implant is not limited but depends on many different factors such as the number of implants placed, their load distribution, and the patient’s oral hygiene. An Oral Surgeon in Summit NJ should be contacted if implants are considered.

Studies show success

Long-term studies show that implants have a high success rate. After 10 years, about 90 to 95 percent of the implants are still intact. Some dentists have even had a success rate of 98 percent since their first procedure.

In comparison: a conventional bridge has a success rate of just under 80 percent after 10 years, a single crown only 70 to 75 percent. The fact that adjacent teeth are not damaged, an implant also ensures that the natural tooth structure is not minimized. Ground down teeth tend to be more prone to tooth decay.

Psychological aspects

Wearers of full dentures speak out again and again that they do not feel their apparatus helps them the way they want. They feel they cannot bite and chew properly. They are afraid that the prosthesis will slip or fall out when talking or laughing.

For some, it even goes so far that they avoid social contact, so as not to attract attention. Implant-supported dentures do not give rise to these feelings and problems. The denture sits firmly in the jaw and does not slip.

It optimally adapts to each person’s individual conditions and, with perfect workmanship, it also adapts perfectly to their facial structure. This results in a whole new attitude to life without fear of laughing! If implants are a possibility for you, contact a local Oral Surgeon in Summit NJ today.

Why opt for implants?

How important a person’s smile is to their self-esteem and health is usually noticed when the person no longer has the smile they want. Especially in old age, it often happens that a part of the natural teeth is no longer worth preserving and must be removed or falls out by itself. In the worst case, this leads to complete tooth loss. Contact Westfield Oral Surgery for further information.

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