General Dentist in Mitchellville, MD: How to Pick the Right Dentist

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There are several types of dentists. Dental specialists work with a specific function of the mouth and help with issues caused in that section of the mouth. Because there are so many different dental needs, it might be confusing to understand which dental specialists do what. Here are some types of dentists and when you should see them.


Anyone who has ever had braces should be intimately familiar with this type of dentist. Orthodontists help to straighten teeth by using a variety of tools and techniques developed to help patients’ smiles. Children and adults who need braces are often referred to an orthodontist by a general dentist.


Periodontists help treat gum disease and practice gum surgery. Patients who need more extensive work on their gums should see one of these special dentists. Periodontists can also offer advice on how to prevent further gum deterioration for people who need to take action before gum disease begins to form.

General Dentist

Anyone who is looking for a General Dentist in Mitchellville, MD should understand what a general dentist is and what he or she does. General dentists offer a large variety of other services and treatments. General dentists can take x-rays of the mouth and identify problems, check for cavities, look for incoming wisdom teeth that need to be removed, and clean the teeth.

People who are experiencing discomfort or pain in their mouth area but are unsure what is causing it should see a general dentist. These dentists can ask patients where the pain is and examine the afflicted location in the mouth. Once a diagnosis has been made, the general dentist can either recommend a treatment or refer the patient to another specialist right away to make sure the problem is taken care of quickly and safely. If the problem does not require a specialist, the general dentist can usually help during the appointment or ask to make another one a few days later.

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