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What should you do if you have a dental emergency? Injuries to the mouth, face, and teeth can be painful and scary. Seeking immediate treatment is the first step. Finding an emergency dentist in Providence RI has never been easier.

Types of Emergencies

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking of a dental emergency is a severe toothache. A toothache can be caused by a number of things with the most common being an abscess. In this case, the pulp of the tooth has died and is causing an infection. An abscess can be caused by decay or trauma to the tooth. Symptoms range from localized tooth pain to more systemic symptoms such as a fever.

Another dental emergency is an avulsed tooth. This is a situation where the tooth has been knocked out. Commonly seen after car accidents and injuries incurred while playing sports, an avulsed tooth can be very traumatizing. Place the tooth in a cup of milk or salt water if these items are handy. As a last resort, tuck the tooth inside the mouth next to the cheek.

A lost filling or crown is an emergency that may not be immediately painful but still requires a quick response. The loss of a filling or crown may be perpetuated by a few different catalysts. Trauma, decay, and age of the structure are the main culprits. If the tooth is left exposed for too long, the probability for pain will rise.

Help from an Emergency Dentist

When experiencing a dental emergency the most pressing issue is the pain. An emergency dentist will address pain levels first so that the underlying cause can be treated. Once comfortable, the dentist can assess and diagnose to provide the best treatment for you.

An abscess will be treated with antibiotics to reduce the level of infection so a root canal can be performed safely. An avulsed tooth can be expertly placed back in the socket to heal. If given time, the tooth may solidify in the socket and not require immediate treatment. A lost filling or crown may be re-affixed to the tooth or replaced altogether. All of these treatments can be performed by an emergency dentist.

Finding the Best Office for You

When seeking an Emergency Dentist in Providence RI, look for one that has a true desire to impact their patients for the better. Visit Website for more information.

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