Find an Orthodontist in Dallas, Texas, that Accepts Your Medicaid Insurance

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Low-income families deserve access to dental and orthodontic services. Young children in low-income families may qualify for Medicaid health and dental insurance based on income levels. However, sometimes finding an orthodontist in Dallas, TX, that accepts Medicaid isn’t easy.

Correcting Your Alignment

Luckily, there is an Orthodontist in Dallas, TX, that accepts Medicaid, and among the services they offer are braces and alignment correction. You can choose from metal or ceramic braces to correct your smile. If you want Invisalign, you should check with your caseworker to determine if you are eligible for coverage through Medicaid.

Through these services, the orthodontist assesses your teeth and determines which braces best suit you to correct your smile. They can also provide coverage information and any out-of-pocket costs for getting braces.

Filling in a Gap

Orthodontists can install appliances called spacers to force the teeth together. If you have a gap in your smile, the devices correct your smile and eliminate unnecessary space between the teeth. If the gap is minor, a dentist could install a veneer to close the gap.

Maintaining Alignment Correction Results

Orthodontists can provide retainers to maintain your smile and keep the teeth in alignment. They may recommend that you wear the retainer if the teeth appear to be slightly misaligned. Medicaid coverage pays for retainers, and you may face little to no cost for the devices.

Visiting an orthodontist can help you get a better smile and straighten your teeth. The dental professionals also offer advice for Medicaid patients who need complex treatments for an overbite or TMJ. Contact Rio Dental & Orthodontics and set up a consultation to find out how an orthodontist can improve your smile.

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