What to Expect from Dental Fillings in California, MD

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Cavities can be quite painful and lead to more serious forms of dental decay, but the process of filling them is actually quite simple and straightforward. Those who have never had a cavity filled often experience some anxiety prior to heading in for their appointments, though. Read on to learn about Dental Fillings in California MD to help assuage any lingering fears before heading in to have cavities filled.

What to Expect

Most appointments for dental fillings take an hour or less, depending on whether the dentist performs preliminary work such as taking x-rays and discussing the procedure before the appointment. Patients should expect to be offered a topical numbing agent prior to the procedure being performed. That allows dentists to drill their patients’ teeth without causing pain or extreme discomfort. Once the patient’s mouth is numb, the dentist will remove the decay and replace it with a filling made of amalgam, metal, ceramic, or filling resin.

What to Expect After the Procedure

Patients can expect the numbing agent used to reduce sensation in the mouth to wear off after just a few hours and should avoid chewing food until it has worn off. There may be some sensitivity or mild pain after the numbing agent has worn off, but it generally subsides quickly. Be sure not to neglect oral care after getting a filling. Toothpaste designed for sensitive teeth can provide protection against further decay without irritating the area around the patient’s new filling.

Potential Problems

Dental Fillings in California MD are extremely common, and the procedure required to install them is simple, so patients rarely experience immediate problems with their cavities. Over time, though, fillings can begin to pull away from the teeth they’re attached to, leaving a small space that can wind up breeding bacteria and causing infections. Any patient whose dental filling has come loose, fallen out, or become cracked should contact a dentist immediately for repairs.

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