Enjoy Eating and Smiling Again With High Quality False Teeth in Cincinnati OH

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The teeth are an essential tool for eating, but they also affect the way the face looks and how people speak. Unfortunately, the teeth can become damaged through disease, genetic disorders or neglect and may eventually require some sort of repair. If the damage is not too terrible or if it is limited to only a few teeth, then the fixing the problem is usually possible. For instance, a severely decayed tooth can have the damaged dentin removed and the void filled with a durable dental cement. This repair is then covered with a porcelain crown so that the tooth looks perfect. Sadly, some people may need to have their decayed teeth extracted, which often requires the use of a prosthetic such as a dental bridge or False Teeth in Cincinnati OH.

False teeth or dentures are a viable option due to the techniques available to modern dentistry. However, it is not a decision to take lightly. The extraction of all remaining teeth can require some time and tends to be a little painful while the damaged gum and bone tissue heals. In fact, this is the main reason that many dentists use a temporary denture. The initial plate is used to correctly align the bone and gum tissue to protect the shape of the mouth. Surprisingly, many people think that opting for false teeth in Cincinnati OH is a one-time thing, but a dental plate can break. Plus, the gum and bone tissue will recede as the person ages. Ill-fitting or broken dentures can cause further damage and require denture relining or complete replacement.

One possible option with modern dentures is the use of anchors. Dental implants are used as an anchor for a dental crown. That is, the implant is used to fill in the void from a missing or extracted tooth. This procedure can use full strength anchors or what is known as minimally invasive implants. The latter procedure can be performed in the office and uses a small titanium stud as an alternative root. Implants can be extremely reliable, and titanium is a very strong, inert metal. Using implants to secure a dental plate or bridge tends to be a better option than other available methods such as denture adhesives. Visit the site to learn more about implants, bridges, dentures and the repair of false teeth.

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