Enjoy a Beautiful Smile Using Teeth Whitening in DC

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Everyone wants to enjoy beautiful, healthy teeth but, sometimes, getting that beauty is a bit harder than people think. For example, when teeth are poorly aligned, misshapen, or severely discolored, the dentist may need to use veneers. When the problem is simply stains from normal use, the dentist may suggest Teeth Whitening in DC. This is a simple procedure that is generally used no more than twice a year unless the dentist recommends otherwise. The final results of this process tend to outshine any other whitening method. This may be why it is the most requested cosmetic dental procedure around.

To understand how Teeth Whitening in DC works, it is necessary to understand a little about the teeth. Teeth consist of the outer enamel that is designed for protection, the inner dentin that makes up the bulk of the tooth, and the pulp that holds the blood supply and nerve of each tooth. When stains develop, they are either on the top of the enamel or beneath it. Dental whitening works by placing a layer of paste or gel over the teeth and introducing a little water into the mix. The paste or gel is actually a form of peroxide, known as carbamide peroxide, and is activated with water. Adding water to the mix allows the carbamide to convert into hydrogen peroxide. The actual chemical process pushes part of the peroxide beneath the enamel so all the stains are removed. The end result is the natural color of the dentin.

Unfortunately, dental whitening doesn’t work for everyone. People who have had certain types of dental work such as bonding, caps, crowns, and so forth may see variations in the resulting color. This is due to the fact that dental coverings don’t require whitening, and whitening may adjust the current color of the teeth so they contrast with the dental repairs. Another concern with dental whitening is the time it takes for the end result to be visible. After the peroxide solution is washed away, the patient should see immediate results. However, the peroxide is still cleaning deep inside the teeth, and the final appearance may not be evident for about a week. If teeth whitening is in the immediate future, then click here for more info.

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