Early Warning Signs of Impacted Wisdom Teeth in Summit, NJ

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Impacted wisdom teeth can cause a good deal of pain and a variety of serious dental problems, especially if they are not removed as early on as possible. In fact, many patients find that they can avoid a lot of trouble by having their wisdom teeth removed before they even begin to cause serious pain or secondary dental problems. Patients can read on to find out about a few early warning signs of Impacted Wisdom Teeth in Summit NJ to find out whether they should be heading in for x-rays.

Gum Problems

If a patient has extremely swollen or tender gums near the back of his or her mouth, there’s a good chance that impacted wisdom teeth are to blame. Patients gums may or may not also begin to bleed before wisdom tooth eruption. If these symptoms are occurring in conjunction with noticeable pain in the back of the mouth, it’s time to head to a dentist to get them checked out.

Jaw Problems

Patients whose wisdom teeth are beginning to become impacted may notice jaw pain at the back of their mouths or even noticeable swelling at the jaw. These symptoms may make it difficult to chew or even prevent patients from fully opening their mouths.

Bad Taste

Impacted Wisdom Teeth in Summit NJ often leave a bad taste in patients’ mouths, quite literally. They may also cause noticeable bad breath. These symptoms are often related to the buildup of bacteria in the area, which can have a negative impact on surrounding teeth as well, so they’re worth getting checked out.

Getting a Diagnosis

Determining whether or not wisdom teeth will need to be extracted is actually quite simple. Dentists can tell if these teeth are causing trouble well before they even begin to erupt through routine x-rays. The sooner these problem teeth are removed, the better patients will feel; plus, impacted wisdom teeth can damage otherwise healthy teeth in the area and lead to all kinds of potentially serious problems, so there’s no reason to put off getting a diagnosis.

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