Do You or Your Children Need an Emergency Dentist in New Haven, CT?

by | Jun 27, 2018 | Dentistry

An emergency is something that we usually associate with hospitals and hospital emergency rooms. After all, life can be unpredictable and one just never knows when an accident that will require medical treatment is going to happen. Just imagine, for example, that your young child has just had an accident at school and has chipped and cracked several teeth. In this case, you’re not taking him or her to the hospital; you’ll be taking him or her to the local emergency dentist in New Haven, CT.

Has Your Child Had an Accident?

The fact is that dental technology has improved pretty dramatically in recent years. There are not just better tools and techniques but also a deliberate focus on how to make patients feel more comfortable. This is great for kids who are still a little nervous when sitting in the dental chair, whether it is an emergency or just a regular checkup.

One of the most common childhood dental accidents is cracking, chipping, or breaking teeth. This requires an emergency dentist to assess the situation because an exposed or damaged nerve in the tooth can become infected and can cause serious toothache. In these cases, the emergency dentist will likely disinfect the nerve and then create a resin-based fill to build up the broken tooth.

Never Leave a Damaged Tooth

One of the biggest problems is that some parents will simply neglect teeth that have been damaged by their children. This is a mistake because the impact that the tooth has endured could damage the delicate nerve inside and lead to toothache now or possible toothache in the future. The last thing that any child or parent wants to have to deal with is a painful toothache! It’s always best to let a qualified dentist assess it.

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