Do You Need Dentures in Hamden, CT?

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Most of us will know at least one person in our lives with a set of dentures. Typically, these people are older and may not have had the same access to dental health care that we do in this day and age. For some people, a poor diet contributes to poor oral hygiene and losing their teeth. While we certainly have much better dental health care now, there are still plenty of people with dentures and also those who should seriously consider getting them.

Overcome Those Fears

The truth is that most people are actually worried about the prospect of getting a denture fitted. While our dental care is much better these days, conditions such as diabetes can still result in loss of teeth. In fact, having adult teeth knocked out or falling pregnant are still very common reasons for looking into getting dentures in Hamden, CT.

People generally worry about the following things:

• That the dentures won’t look natural or look the same as real teeth

• That they will feel weird in the mouth or hurt

The Good News about a New Set of Teeth

Even though many people will naturally feel some trepidation, the truth is that modern dentistry produces some amazing results. A modern denture will look natural and the dentist will ensure that it is as close as possible in color to existing teeth so that it does not look fake or out of place. While there may also be a period of adjustment, people who have modern denture sets also become used to them to the point that they feel no different than real teeth.

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