Denture Production and Cosmetic Dentistry in Cincinnati OH

by | Apr 30, 2018 | Dental Care

Conditions such as malnutrition, genetic predisposition, and poor hygiene can lead to severe dental disease. Once the teeth and their roots reach the point of irreversible and irreparable damage, it may be necessary to have them extracted and have artificial teeth put in their place. One of the demands of Cosmetic Dentistry Pasadena CA is the need for making dentures. Making dentures is a straightforward procedure that includes casting a mold of the patient’s mouth, filling and heating the mold, and performing a final fit of the denture.

Casting the Mold

The first step in making dentures is to cast a mold of the patient’s mouth. To begin, wax is used to create an impression of the patient’s mouth and adjacent gums. Pressure is applied to simulate biting, so that the impression best reflects the patient’s mouth. This will allow the final product to fit with the gums perfectly. After the initial impression, a final cast is made using a stone-like material called gypsum.

Filling and Heating the Mold

After the mold has been made, it is then used to create the denture. First, a non-stick substance is added to the mold to help in releasing the denture when the time comes. Next, the resin compounds are mixed and put into the mold. A vice is used to pack the resin tightly. Finally, the mold is heated for up to eight hours. Heating the mold causes a chemical reaction which hardens the resin.

Performing the Final Fit

After the mold has cooled, the denture is removed by breaking the mold open. A model of the patient’s mouth is used to determine whether or not the fit and bite are correct. If the first two steps have been done correctly, minor adjustments are all that is typically required. These adjustments can include the grinding and smoothing of surfaces.

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