A Dentist Near Me Me Wants Everyone To Know These Facts

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Going to the dentist is not exactly everybody’s idea of a swell time. That is okay, it doesn’t have to be looked upon as the next best thing to a party but it does have to be viewed as an important part of staying healthy. Here are some facts about dental visits and dental hygiene that a Dentist Near Me in Ypsilanti MI wants the public to know.

Two Times A Day To Keep The Cavities At Bay

That’s right, when the teeth are brushed at least twice a day, the chance of getting cavities is kept to a minimum. This is because brushing removes the plaque that collects on teeth and causes cavities. The plaque is actually the unfortunate result of the food and drink that people consume. To reach the spaces in between teeth that the toothbrush cannot reach, use floss twice a day also.

Checking For Tumors

All regularly scheduled dental check ups include a screening for oral cancer. When the dental hygienist and Dentist Near Me are probing the oral cavity, they are not just checking for gum disease. They are also checking for signs of oral cancer. This type of cancer can be quite deadly and often goes undetected. However, when detected early, it is highly treatable. One more great reason to not avoid the dentist.

Gum Disease Hurts More Than Just The Teeth

Contrary to popular belief, gum disease goes far beyond just causing the teeth to fall out. Recent research has also linked poor dental health to both heart attacks and strokes. It can also cause bone loss if left untreated. By visiting the dentist on a regular basis, it can be assured that such a catastrophe can be avoided.

Don’t Blame The Onions

When people suffer from bad breath, the leading cause is generally not the foods they have eaten for lunch. The problem most often lies with an underlying dental issue that has not yet been diagnosed. Regular check-ups can find issues before they become a full-blown problem. Brushing and flossing daily also goes a long way to preventing bad breath. Don’t forget to brush the tongue and the roof of the mouth as part of the dental hygiene routine.

Visit us for a stress-free and relaxing dental check-up. A friendly and courteous staff will ensure that your mouth stays as healthy as it can.

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