Dental Implants: Questions to Ask an Oral Surgeon in Macon, GA

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A missing tooth can cause lots of different problems. For some, the concern is how their appearance is effected. This is especially worrisome if the tooth is near the front of the mouth, making the gap visible to everyone. Others with one or more missing teeth worry about things like chewing. Dental implants offer a real solution for patients that want to be able to fill the hole left by a tooth that has been removed. There are several questions to ask an Oral Surgeon In Macon, GA in order to make an informed decision on the procedure.

How Noticeable Will the Implant Be?

Most people meeting with an Oral Surgeon in Macon, GA want their implants to be noticeable in that they take the place of an open space in the mouth. However, they don’t want the new tooth to stand out in a way that is unattractive or garners negative attention. Ask about how the implant will blend in with the other teeth as well as the smile.

What Type of Special Care Does an Implant Require?

In most cases, a dental implant is just like other teeth. It will need to be brushed and flossed, just like the others around it. However, immediately following the surgery, the implant may need to be cared for differently to ensure that everything works out. Follow any and all instructions provided to give the implant the best possible chance at success.

How Long Will an Implant Last?

One or more implants can be more than just a major procedure. The process often comes with a considerable price tag. While it is worth every penny to have this portion of the mouth transformed so that it blends in with the rest of the smile, patients want to know how long the implant is going to last. They want to feel confident in their investment. While most implants will last a lifetime, there are things that patients can do to decrease the life of the implant, including neglecting the necessary oral care.

Getting a dental implant can be exciting. It can help create a beautiful smile and give patients additional confidence. Browse the site to gain a better understanding of dental implants, as well as other common oral surgeries.

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