Cosmetic Dentists in Annapolis Help Prevent Diabetes-Related Gum Disease

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Diabetes can raise your risk for kidney disease, stroke, and cardiovascular disease. It can also cause problems with your oral health. If you are considering getting dental restorations, your cosmetic dentist in Annapolis will help make sure that you remain free from diabetes-related gum disease so that your mouth is healthy enough for your upcoming dental work. Here are some things your dentist will monitor you so that if diabetes-related oral problems arise, they will be recognized and treated early on.

Oral Candidiasis

Diabetics are more likely to develop oral yeast and fungal infections than those without diabetes. Oral candidiasis is one of the most common oral yeast infections which are not only common in diabetics, but in those who have weakened immune systems. If your dentist notices white patches on your tongue, your throat, or on the floor of your mouth, he or she may prescribe an anti-fungal oral rinse. This will help eradicate the oral infection, however, you will need to follow-up with your primary care physician, who will order a blood glucose test. The next time you are surfing the web, find a reputable diabetes-related website and take a few minutes to browse the site to learn more about oral fungal infections.

Poor Wound Healing

Your dentist will also monitor you for poor wound healing after dental procedures. If your surgical sites are not healing properly, your cosmetic dentist in Annapolis may recommend that you increase your intake of vitamin C-rich foods, which will help promote circulation, collagen production, and reduce your risk for infection.

To learn more about how diabetes affects your oral cavity, contact Annapolis Dental Associates for more details.

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