Comprehensive Dentistry in Providence RI

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The trend in Dentistry in Providence RI mirrors that of the rest of the country. Comprehensive services offered in one place for the whole family saves patients time and money. It also combines the talents of a few dentists and makes overhead costs manageable.

General, preventative, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry procedures can be completed at the same office. The continuity of care is helpful in improving the overall oral health of every family member from infancy to old age. Children get used to a dentist so fear is eliminated. Adults are familiar with support staff and dentists so anxiety is dramatically reduced.

Cutting Edge Technology

Another advantage of comprehensive dentistry in Providence RI is advanced technology and access to the newest procedures. Dentists dedicated to providing services to suit all the needs of patients keep up-to-date on procedures that improve on traditional service delivery. Newer procedures tend to be less invasive, less painful, and less expensive.

A perfect example is Biomet 3i implants. The innovative cone-shaped screw is treated with a bone-bonding component. The shape allows for precision placement that can withstand more pressure than traditional screws. They are also slightly smaller so multiple implants can be placed during one visit.

The bone-bonding material reduces recovery time. It also allows implants to be placed in areas where bone density is low. That means older patients can have these implants to keep dentures in place. Eliminate the problem of ill-fitting dentures and the need for adhesives with these implants.

Teeth Whitening

A dentist provides a few different professional systems to whiten teeth better than any over the counter products. One brand is called Zoom! and utilizes a blue light to harden the outer layer of the teeth after the process is complete. The purpose is to better resist staining and it also maintains the bright white shade longer than other systems.

People in the Providence area can visit Website for details of dozens of procedures offered and to download new patient forms. Discover the simplicity of going to one place for any dental treatments required. Eliminate the need to fill out insurance forms at different offices, traveling out of town for certain procedures, or dealing with strangers.

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