Common Questions About Dental Offices For Sale In Arizona

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In Arizona, the purchase of a new dental practice offers the excitement of a new location. The new property could also provide the dental professional with a larger practice. The buyer reviews all properties of interest in their preferred area. A local broker connects prospective buyers to dental offices for sale in Arizona in these regions.

What Happens During the Closing?

The closing process is essentially the purchase of the property. An attorney oversees the process and makes sure all commercial real estate laws are followed. The seller and buyer sign all additional contracts and documents including the transfer of ownership. A wire transfer is conducted to deliver the funds to the seller. A new deed or title is created for the buyer.

Can a Buyer Modify the Sales Contract?

Yes, the broker negotiates with the seller to acquire any changes requested by the buyer. The changes could include the removal of a clause related to the existing staff or decrease the value of the closing costs that the buyer pays. The broker discusses all changes with the seller and adds any approved modifications to the contract.
Can Dental Professionals Review Properties That aren’t Listed by Their Broker?

Yes, most brokers place the key to the property in a lockbox outside. The buyer’s broker can contact the listing agent or broker to get the combination for the lockbox. It doesn’t matter which broker listed the property. All brokers can access any property of interest for their buyers.

Does the Patient Roster Come with the Sale?

It depends on whether or not the existing owner is moving outside of the area or if they are retiring. Typically, the seller adds the patient roster if they won’t provide services for the patients anymore. The inclusion of the patient roster gives a new owner an increased earning potential from day one.

In Arizona, a new dental practice could become the start of a rewarding career. For new professionals who want their own practice, the transaction gives them the chance to shine in their industry. A broker gives the dentists the opportunity to find the best property for their new practice. Dental professionals who want to purchase dental offices for sale in Arizona can visit the website right now.

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