Choose Restorative Dentistry to Replace or Repair Teeth

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If your teeth have been damaged due to decay, or broken or chipped in an accident, you don’t need to live with unattractive teeth. Instead, a dentist can recommend procedures to repair or replace those teeth. Dental implants, bridges, crowns, and veneers can be used to make your teeth look like new again.

Adding Crowns

Most of the time, crowns are placed over a tooth which has undergone a procedure to restore its function. This may include a root canal, or having a crown placed over a tooth which has been damaged in an auto accident or sports related injury. Placing crowns helps to protect teeth and allows them to function as close to normal as possible after restorative dentistry in Chicago.

Options for Missing Teeth

There are a couple of different options for replacing teeth you may be missing, especially in the front where missing teeth would be more noticeable. Restorative dentistry includes using bridges to replace a tooth, or whole section of teeth, or you can choose a tooth implant if you only need to replace one or two teeth. Bridges can be made to fit over healthy teeth to replace any which are missing and, with improved dental technology, most people will not be able to tell you have a bridge unless you are close to them.

Many dentists providing Chicago restorative dentistry give their patients the option of having dental implants to replace missing teeth. Implants look like natural teeth, and almost function as well as they do. However, there can be problems with chewing on ice, or eating hard foods like nuts, because they can break if you bite down too hard.

You can also have chipped or broken teeth repaired with restorative dentistry services. Veneers can be placed over your teeth to hide the damage and restore your smile. Contact DentArt Chicago to discuss your concerns with a restorative dentist.

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