Why Choose Implants in Cranford NJ

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Even those with the most meticulous dental care can have issues with tooth loss. Injuries, illness, and issues with receiving timely dental care can all pose risks of tooth loss. When faced with such an issue, it can be difficult and pose risks to a person’s self-esteem. Fortunately, there are methods for replacing lost teeth. Dentures and Implants in Cranford NJ are options for replacing a lost tooth or teeth. However, choosing the right option can be difficult for anyone facing this issue.

What are dentures?

Dentures are a prosthetic device used to replace a missing tooth or teeth. They can be removed and replaced as needed to allow for cleaning and comfort. They are often created to look similar to the teeth lost. They can be used shortly after teeth have been removed. They are also relatively cheap. Unfortunately, dentures can pose issues with eating and talk. They can also promote loss of bone in the jaw and may need to be replaced as the bone deteriorates.

What are implants?

Implants in Cranford NJ are also prosthetic devices that are utilized to replace a missing tooth or teeth. However, these devices cannot be removed after placement. A device is surgically implanted into the jawbone. Once the implant heals, a prosthetic tooth or teeth can be attached to the device. They can provide a more permanent solution that can prevent loss of bone, as well as provide easier taking and eating. This can take weeks to months for teeth to be replaced. It can be quite costly.

Which is the better option?

Although there are risks associated with implants that are not an issue with dentures, implants can provide a better quality smile and comfort when eating. Dentures, however, do not require a surgical procedure that can come with risks associated with such. Cost can also be a deciding factor in this decision. Unfortunately, not everyone is a candidate for implants. The jaw bone and gums must meet certain requirements to sustain the implants. If they cannot, the only option is dentures.

When deciding on the best option for tooth replacement, the best option is to visit a dental care provider. Facilities, such as Westfield Oral Surgery, can fully examine the patient to determine if they are a candidate. They can then go over all options to insure an informed decision is made.

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