Can Dentures in Loveland CO Help Restore Smiles?

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Are fixed dentures capable of restoring a person’s smile? There are people who cannot eat or smile because they feel inadequate, mainly due to the status of their teeth. Fixed dentures help to restore smiles in a cost-efficient manner. Fixed dentures in Loveland CO are otherwise known as false or artificial teeth that are placed on implants. These implants are the perfect base to hold false teeth in spaces where there are no natural teeth. Implants are placed in the patient’s gum and serve as a tooth root. In most cases the implants are made of titanium, which is completely biocompatible.

Titanium is used because it is accepted by the body more so than other materials. Since the implant must adhere to the jawbone, it is important that it is not rejected by the body. Permanent dentures are designed by the dentist in such a way that they feel and look the same as real teeth. Because of this, patients should not worry about the aesthetics of the procedure due to the denture matching the rest of his or her teeth. Just like real teeth, fixed dentures must be cared for properly. This means routine brushing and flossing along with scheduled visits to the dentist.

If a person properly cares for their dentures, they will not only be extending the life of the prosthesis, but he or she will also be eliminating the possibility of cavities or gingivitis. While traditional dentures have greatly helped people in recent years, dentures are still not seen as the greatest way to replace lost teeth. However, they are the most economical and most people choose fixed dentures because of this.

Fixed Dentures in Loveland CO allow each person to talk, laugh and eat knowing that his or her smile is beautiful. Because metal implants are placed inside the jaw, the dentures a person receives will help the person pronounce words fluently, with strength and confidence. Why? Because the teeth are in a fixed position, which means they do not slip out of place like conventional dentures. People who have fixed dentures are not only more comfortable with themselves, but their self-esteem is elevated to massive heights.

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