Can Brushing More Frequently Accomplish Teeth Whitening in Kaneohe?

by | Aug 9, 2017 | Dentistry

People who have noticed their teeth have become a bit yellow over time may wonder whether they can improve the problem by brushing more often, perhaps with whitening toothpaste. Dentists generally recommend brushing two or three times a day and no more often than that as a rule. Professional Teeth Whitening in Kaneohe at a dental clinic is a more effective solution than trying to lighten up a smile with frequent brushing.

Too Much Brushing

Too much brushing is hard on tooth enamel, and so is brushing too vigorously. Brushing, even with whitening toothpaste, can’t brighten up a smile dramatically the way that professional whitening can. Products used by dentists and their hygienists include a certain percentage of a bleaching agent that does the trick.

Just Three Minutes

In surveys, most respondents say they brush once in the morning and again before bed at night. People who include a third round of brushing generally do so after lunch. Rather than brush more often, dentists encourage their patients to spend more time on the activity during each session. Three minutes is ideal.

When people time themselves to see how long they typically brush, they’re usually startled to realize they don’t spend even a full minute at the task. To get to the three-minute mark without growing too impatient, they might listen to a song or a radio program they find interesting.

Flossing daily is also important for oral health. It may not make teeth noticeably whiter, but it can prevent tartar build up in the spaces between teeth that makes the edges look a little yellow or brown.

Maintaining Positive Results

Teeth Whitening in Kaneohe is the most effective option for significantly noticeable results. Over-the-counter products are available, but people generally get more consistent results when they start the process with a dentist such as Howard Carrico III. Visit us online.

The brighter results don’t last forever, but future sessions can be delayed if the individual avoids enamel-staining substances like coffee, black tea, and red wine. In addition, having appointments for professional teeth cleaning and polishing every six months helps remove some of the lighter stainings that can develop.

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