Your Broken Tooth Can Be Repaired By the Emergency Dentist in Lusby MD

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When a broken tooth occurs, individuals often panic because of the bleeding and pain. It can be stressful dealing with a tooth that has become broken, especially when it occurs as a result of a traumatic injury. When an injury of this type occurs, it is crucial a person gets to the dentist as soon as possible so their tooth can be repaired. The emergency dentist in Lusby MD can sometimes save a tooth and prevent its loss.

Patients who come to the emergency dentist in Lusby MD are first triaged to see how severe their dental emergency is. The dentist will need to examine the tooth to determine where the break occurred. Breaks that occur below the gum line are usually not able to be repaired. This is because once the root has been compromised, the tooth will go into necrosis and be destroyed.

Teeth that are damaged above the gum line can often be fixed. The dentist will first remove the damaged areas and attempt to shape and fill the tooth with a filling material if needed. This helps to shield the nerve so pain signals are not continuously being sent. In many cases, broken teeth will need to be covered by a crown.

Crowns are tooth-shaped shells that are placed over a damaged tooth. They not only shield the tooth from further damage but they also make the smile look more presentable because they cover up the damage.

It is imperative a person seeks the emergency dentist in Lusby MD as soon as they learn their tooth has been broken. It is wise to save the broken pieces if they were not swallowed or lost, so the dentist can attempt to survey the damage and determine the best form of treatment for the tooth.

If you have suffered a serious tooth injury and are in need of dental care, call the dentist right away. To learn more about the dental services that are available, visit website domain. If you would like to schedule your dental appointment, call the office today. Dental injuries can be frightening but the emergency dentist can take care of them to prevent further damage.

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