Benefits of Getting a Dental Implant in Eagan MN

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When a person loses one or more of their teeth, it will create a gap in the smile, affect the ability a person has to chew their food properly and can lead to poor oral health, as well as bone loss in the jaw. Even the loss of one tooth will cause shrinkage of the jawbone where the tooth used to reside, which is referred to as atrophy. As the jawbone shrinks, it will also become brittle due to lack of use. While losing a tooth will obviously affect the smile, it will also lead to a change in the shape of the face and can make a person look prematurely aged.

A solution for all of these problems is acquiring a Dental Implant in Eagan MN. While teeth are originally designed to last forever, this is just not what happens for many people. This does not mean that a person has to suffer through not smiling and the oral issues that tooth loss can cause.

A Dental Implant in Eagan MN is the next best thing to the natural, healthy teeth. They are strong and stable and will restore the missing tooth so that it fits, feels, looks and functions just like natural teeth. Additionally, a dental implant is a long-term solution that is designed to last. The traditional dental bridges are only designed to last five to seven years; however, when properly applied and maintained dental implants can last a lifetime.

A qualified implant dentist will provide a patient with all of the details of the procedure, and once it is complete, the person will be able to enjoy their life without having to worry about missing teeth. When a person chooses dental implants for their smile, they will also reap the benefit of protecting their natural teeth, as well as no slipping, like dentures cause, and no chance of cavities.

The bottom line is the dental implants offer a permanent solution to bone loss, embarrassing gaps, the inability to eat certain foods, and so much more. Those who are interested can Browse the website to learn more. This will provide the information necessary to make an educated decision.

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