Be Confident with Your Smile

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When you are out in public, you want to be able to smile and show your personality to those you meet. Sadly if you are not happy with your mouth, you feel the need to stifle your personality or only give half smiles because you are embarrassed about your oral appearance. It can lead to a lack of self-confidence because you feel people are staring. By visiting an Orthodontist in the Northridge area, you can get back into letting your personality shine.

What Can an Orthodontist Do for You?

There is a myriad of services that a trained and experienced Orthodontist can offer you to fix your smile. Some of these include:

  • Braces
  • Improve your tooth and jaw alignment
  • Preventative dentistry to avoid future issues

There are many advancements in the field of dentistry. Patients today are experiencing fewer cavities and missing teeth as an awareness of fluoride use and other methods of preventative care continue to advance.

What Is A Malocclusion?

Simply put, malocclusion is a dentistry term used to reference when teeth don’t fit together correctly in your mouth. It not only can affect your teeth after years of chewing incorrectly, but it can affect the shape of your face and mouth as well. Things like sucking your thumb can lead to issues beginning at a very early age. Sometimes even as an adult having a tooth extracted can lead to the development of a malocclusion that needs to be corrected. By visiting an Orthodontist in the Northridge area you can correct so many issues you have with your smile and get back to showing your personality to the world. Make an appointment today at Northridge Dentalworks to explore the various options that are available to you. You will be glad you did.

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