Advantages and Other Things to Know About Implant-Supported Dental Bridges in Indianapolis, IN

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People who have had teeth knocked out or must have some extracted can have those teeth replaced with dental bridges in Indianapolis, IN. Since there are different types of bridges, the patient may want to learn whether there is more than one option for their particular situation. One newer alternative to traditional kinds of bridges is the implant-supported bridge. This has distinct advantages for patients.

Single Dental Bridges

Instead of having multiple crowns on multiple implants, single dental bridges in Indianapolis, IN can be placed on top of a smaller number of implants. This keeps costs lower for patients who want implants but can’t afford all the individual crowns. They fill the gaps in their smile while also having rods in the jawbone that maintain healthy bone density there. Without natural teeth roots or implant rods, the bone gradually shrinks because it receives no stimulation from chewing.

Fixed Bridges

Being secured by the implants also holds the bridge in place and allows the replacement teeth to feel more like natural ones. Another kind of fixed bridge can be placed, but it requires removing some of the enamel of the adjacent teeth so the bridge can be adhered there. Without rods in the jawbone, the same vulnerability to loss of bone density occurs. However, the fixed bridge at least prevents teeth from starting to shift into the gap.

Placement of Implants

A traditional bridge can be placed more quickly than implant-secured bridges at a practice such as Business Name. That’s because placing implants is a type of oral surgery. The rods are placed in the jaw, after which they must be given time to weld to the bone. Gum tissue healing must also take place after the operation. The patient wears a temporary bridge in the meantime.

This is a complex procedure, but patients are typically very satisfied with the results. The lab workers craft the bridges, so these false teeth are an excellent match for the other teeth in the mouth regarding size and color. People should not be able to notice that this person has had natural teeth replaced with implant-supported bridges.

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