A Dental Clinic in Banning, CA Helps Patients Who Develop Sensitive Teeth

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When someone first develops teeth sensitivity, the experience can be upsetting. It may seem to come on suddenly. The person takes a drink of ice water or bites into a hot slice of pizza only to feel a sharp and startling pain in certain teeth. A dentist with a Dental Clinic in Banning CA can provide information to explain why this condition affects so many people and also offer advice to prevent future episodes.

Why Sensitivity Occurs

Usually, discomfort and pain in teeth due to temperature occurs because a tiny porous part of the root has become exposed. Areas of worn enamel also can be porous enough to make temperature extremes problematic. A chipped tooth or one that has a microscopic crack also is vulnerable to heightened sensitivity. In addition, the process of whitening teeth can cause this issue for a few days or a week.

Sensitivity Toothpaste

Several toothpaste manufacturers produce versions that are especially helpful for reducing sensitivity. Each person responds differently to these products, which have various formulations, so one person may need to try two or three before achieving optimum results. A patient may receive a prescription from a Dental Clinic in Banning CA for extra-strength paste if over-the-counter products aren’t satisfactory.


Using a firm or hard brush on teeth may seem like it’s doing a better job, but it actually can wear away enamel over time. Dentists generally recommend using a soft product instead. If that just doesn’t seem like enough, medium bristles are acceptable. In addition, brushing too vigorously also can cause sensitive teeth.

Brushing with fluoride paste also helps worn areas of enamel remineralize, preventing sensitivity as well as cavities.


Dental sealants applied at a clinic such as Beaumont Dental Group help patients who do not find relief with other methods. Sealants have the added benefit of preventing tooth decay in people who are prone to this problem. Depending on the patient, the dentist may recommend having sealants applied only to the exposed root. Individuals who never have trouble with tooth decay typically do not need more extensive sealant application. Visit the website to find out details about this particular clinic.

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