7 Ways to Detect a Good Emergency Dentist in Arlington

by | Feb 1, 2022 | Dental

How does one know if a dental office is a good one before they even sit in the chair for the procedure? There are five indicators that signal an excellent experience is within reach. Check these items out and see if your next experience at the dental office is as you anticipated.


Yes, believe it or not, the personality of a dentist says so much about how you can anticipate your experience to be. If your dentist is personable as can be (given quite a few medical professionals can be a bit dry in humor), makes you smile and has positive energy to them, those qualities can go a long way.


The staff that the doctor has chosen is a reflection of their own desires for their practice. Yes, there is that rare exception that there is a bad apple in the house, but overall, how does the staff interact with the patients? An emergency dentist in Arlington suggests that you can take note of how you feel after calling the office, do you feel heard and is there a calming sense of optimism to the conversation.

Waiting Room

Is the waiting room area stocked with interesting things that make you feel like you could hang out in there for several hours. Some exceptional waiting rooms include elaborate fish tanks, special mood lighting, an extensive and organized lineup of magazines for all interests, music that inspires. Filtered water, toothpaste coupons, brochures on various dental options and even engaging items for your children to look at are all great things to have at your fingertips as you wait for your dentist.

Follow up call

In the fog that occurs after a major dental procedure you may have forgotten those last minute instructions. An exceptional dental office will contact you to see how you are doing and to check if you have any questions. You may even find some offices that have a staff that is prepared to answer your questions and offer to run your questions by the dentist. When you are left without communication after the extensive visit, consider letting your dentist know that you would have liked it if they would have done so.

Yearly communication

In a time when we have such little free time, surprisingly, a well written and interesting newsletter can go a long way. Topics such as recent classes the doctor attended or special new things that are new to the office keep your confidence at a high level.

Dentist decor

Those personal pictures of a sailing adventure, drawings from children displayed on a wall, or even little personal mementos as silly as they seem can help us feel at ease. There is a bit of comfort in knowing that the person providing the service is similar to us or shares interesting pastimes. Some patient favorites include wall murals, a window with a great view and a comfortable chair to sit in during the dental visit.

Go with your gut

If something inside of you is just not warming up to the office and staff it is best to trust yourself. There are often other offices in near proximity that will suit your tastes and make you feel more comfortable.

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