3 Tips To Make A Child’s First Visit To The Children’s Dentist In Mankato MN Less Scary

by | Feb 12, 2018 | Dental

The American Dental Association recommends that children see the dentist for the first time between the time that they cut their first tooth and the time that they start preschool. For a child, the first visit to the dentist can be very scary. To make the appointment with the Children’s Dentist in Mankato MN easier on the child and the dentist, there are a few things that the parents should do.

Schedule the Appointment At the Right Time

The time of day that the parents schedule their child’s first visit to the dentist is very important. If the parents schedule the visit during the child’ nap time, they will be tired and uncooperative when they are in the dentist’s chair. If the parents schedule the visit at lunchtime, the child will be hungry, also making them uncooperative. The best time to make the appointment is after the child has had their lunch and their nap.

Explain the First Visit To the Child

One of the main reasons that children are worried about their first visit to the dentist is the fear of the unknown. It is up to the parents to let their child know what to expect. There are plenty of books available that teach children everything they need to know about the first trip to the dentist. If the child sees that the character in the book didn’t have a bad experience, they might feel less anxious about their visit.

Give the Child Some Control Over the Day

If the child is feeling overly anxious about their visit to the dentist, it could be because they feel like they have no control over the situation. To make the child feel a bit better, the parents can allow the child to choose their clothes that they will wear, to choose what they will have for lunch, or they can choose the toy that they are going to bring to the appointment. When the child feels like they have some control, they will feel a bit less anxious.

It is important that a child visits the Children’s Dentist in Mankato MN at an early age. When a child learns the importance of visiting the dentist at an early age, they will have good oral health habits for a lifetime. If the parents follow the tips listed above, it should make the visit easy on the child and the dentist. For more information, Visit website domain.

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