3 Signs You Need a New Dental Crown

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Dental crowns, also called caps, are fitted over a decayed tooth and replaces the entire part of the tooth above the gum line. In this way, it becomes the tooth’s new outer surface, which is how a severely decayed tooth can be repaired. This prevents the extraction of the tooth, ensuring that you keep your molars. It matters since molars help retain the shape of your face.

However, your dental crown isn’t going to be there forever. Here are some signs that it’s time you looked for a local Henderson dentist to replace your old crown.

You’re in pain

Pain is often an indication that something’s wrong. If you find yourself suffering from a toothache after the crown has been put in place, it could be a result of the gluing process. You might have an uneven bite. Head on over to your dentist as soon as you feel any pain and schedule an appointment. The sooner you go, the sooner you can get the right treatment to eliminate the pain or ease the discomfort.

You’ve got a plaque

Dental plaque buildup can still happen and spread beneath a dental crown. This will likely inflame the nerve tissues which will result in pain. If bacteria end up reaching the nerve, though, you will need to undergo root canal therapy to prevent possible infection, says LiveStrong. This can easily be avoided, though, by replacing the top of the tooth with a new crown. A new one will be more than up to the challenge of preventing plaque buildup from finding its way into the teeth.

Your gums have receded

If your gums recede, that’s going to expose part of your tooth’s root. This will lead to heightened sensitivity for your teeth and gums. The condition can be the result of forceful brushing habits and makes gum areas susceptible to infection. To fix the problem, consult your local Henderson dentist.

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