3 Reasons to Choose a Family Dentist in Trumbull, CT

by | Apr 13, 2020 | Dentist

Choosing the right dentist is important since most people want to use the same specialist for years. That is one reason that so many area residents choose a Family Dentist in Trumbull CT. Practices like Commerce Park Cosmetic Dentistry offer solutions for patients of every age. They provide a range of services and make dental work as convenient and affordable as possible.

A Family Practice Offers Services Through All Life Stages

Many people have a favourite dentist when they are single, but choose one or more specialists once they have children. A Family Dentist in Trumbull CT makes this unnecessary. Practices offer services for everyone from children to the elderly. They educate kids about dental hygiene and provide gentle care that helps young patients feel comfortable during visits. Some even offer movies. Family practices also include digital radiography that uses far less radiation than traditional x-rays. A full-service practice offers corrective Invisalign devices and traditional braces for growing patients whose teeth need straightening. Specialists will also fit adults with corrective appliances. In addition, dentists can rebuild smiles.

Practices Offer Restorative Services

A family dental practice includes the staff and technology to restore or replace teeth. They help patients who have lost teeth to disease, injuries or neglect. Dentists can provide bridges or implants that fill gaps left by missing teeth. They build crowns and add veneers that repair teeth. Some practices include in-house machines that allow dentists to fit crowns in a single day. They even offer solutions for those who have lost most or all of their teeth. Specialists fit these patients with full or partial dentures that give them dazzling smiles and the ability to chew food properly.

Affordable Family Dentists Are Convenient

Many families choose a family practice because it is convenient. The dental staff has every family member’s records under one roof, which makes planning treatments easier. Using a single provider is also much more convenient than shuttling different family members around to different locations. Most family practices also help make treatment affordable. They accept many types of insurance, offer discounts and accept credit cards.

It is becoming common for dental patients to choose family practices. They can use the same practice as their families grow. Family dentists offer services for every stage of life and make care as comfortable and convenient as possible.

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